BMW 5 Series E39

since 1996-2001 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ Introduction
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   + Forward suspension bracket
   - Back suspension bracket
      Air shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket
      Removal and installation of the back shock-absorber
      Dismantling of a depreciation rack
   + Steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schemes of electric equipment
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Removal and installation of the back shock-absorber

Back depreciation rack

1 — the shock-absorber
2 — a bolt
3 — the lower cup of a spring
4 — the protection cover
5 — the compression course buffer
6 — a screw spring
7 — a protective cup
8 — the top cup of a spring

9 — a support
10 — a nut
11 — a plate
12 — a nut
13 — a cover
14 — an adapter (only for bad roads in Eastern Europe)
15 — a ring (only for bad roads in Eastern Europe)

Procedures of removal of the shock-absorber and screw spring are provided in the end of the Section.

At cars with air shock-absorbers take out a safety lock No. 6 of the device of supply with air. Thus, casual adjustment of system is excluded.


1. Remove the shelf for a headdress, address the Section Removal and installation of the shelf under a headdress.
2. Turn off two bolts of fastening of a loudspeaker and remove it. Rasstykuyte shtekerny connection also take out a loudspeaker.
3. Mark with paint the provision of forward wheels in relation to a nave. Thanks to it the balanced wheel will reach the former position. Weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel on the standing car. Lift and install the car on supports. Remove forward wheels.
4. Remove facing of a wheel casing.

5. Lift a rug near the device of an automatic tension of a seat belt. Uncover the top part of a depreciation rack and turn off three bolts of fastening.

6. At cars with EDC to a rasstykuyta shtekerny connection.
7. Bring a garage jack under a wheel arm. Lay wooden laying.

If not to observe it, the depreciation rack after striking off falls down. At the same time the axis and a brake hose can be damaged.

8. Disconnect a depreciation rack at a wheel arm.

9. Lower a few arm and take out a depreciation rack.

You watch that the brake hose was not tense.

You store the shock-absorber only vertically. Otherwise at the movement of the car there can be extraneous noises. Way of elimination: Extend a rod and leave the shock-absorber vertically at a room temperature (+20 °C) within 24 hours.


1. Check the shock-absorber, address the Section chain Breakers (thermal relays).
2. Insert a depreciation rack and slightly fix from above by the new self-stopped nut.
3. Insert the plug (1) of the lower fastening of the shock-absorber into a wheel arm. Screw a bolt, without tightening it.
4. Fix a depreciation rack above by the moment of 20 Nanometers.
5. Remove a garage jack and lower the car on wheels.
6. Establish into place facing of a wheel casing.
7. Fix forward wheels. Do not oil bolts of fastening of wheels. Establish wheels so that the markings put earlier coincided. Lower the car on wheels. Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel cross-wise the moment of 100 Nanometers.
8. Install the car in normal situation, i.e. according to the recommendations provided in the Section Check of Glow Lamps.
9. Clamp the lower bolt of fastening of the shock-absorber the moment offered by Specifications.
10. Connect electric wires at cars to EDC.
11. Put on a protective cover.
12. Establish a loudspeaker. Join shtekerny connection and fix a loudspeaker.
13. Establish the shelf for headdresses, address the Section Removal and installation of the shelf under a headdress.