BMW 5 Series E39

since 1996-2001 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ Introduction
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   - Forward suspension bracket
      Electronic control by rigidity of shock-absorbers (EDC)
      Removal and installation of a depreciation rack
      Dismantling of a depreciation rack / shock-absorber. Removal and installation of a screw spring
      Check and utilization of the shock-absorber
      Removal and installation of the bearing of a wheel
      Removal and installation of a beam of a forward suspension bracket
      Removal and installation of the lever of a cross suspension bracket
   + Back suspension bracket
   + Steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schemes of electric equipment
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Dismantling of a depreciation rack / shock-absorber. Removal and installation of a screw spring

Depreciation rack

1 — the shock-absorber
2 — a protective cover
3 — a support
4 — the lower support of a spring
5 — a nut
   The inhaling moment on a rod:
     -  at an external hexagon
65 Nanometer
     -  at an internal hexagon
45 Nanometer

6 — a protective cap
7 — the top cup of a spring
8 — the plastic buffer of the course of compression

9 — a screw spring
10 — the lower cup of a spring
11 — a nut
12 — a bolt
Execution only for bad
roads (Eastern Europe)

13 — an adapter
14 — a ring
15 — a sealing ring
16 — a washer
17 — a washer
18 — a finger

Springs of one axis are replaced only in couple. It is necessary to apply springs with identical number BMW. Number of a spring is put on its end.


1. Remove a depreciation rack, address the Section Removal and installation of a depreciation rack.

2. For removal of the shock-absorber it is necessary to squeeze a screw spring. Squeeze a spring by means of special adaptation. Apply plastic laying to protection of a surface of a spring.

Do not remove the shock-absorber at all if the spring is not compressed.


Insert the device for compression of a spring into rounds so that it strongly clasped rounds and the possibility of sliding was excluded. The screw spring has very big rigidity. Therefore use only serviceable adaptation. Do not apply a wire to compression of a spring at all. There is a danger of accident!

4. Turn off a nut a cap key. At the same time the rod depending on execution is kept by a key under an internal hexagon or a cap key.

The nut has very big moment of an otvorachivaniye. If necessary it is possible to strike blow to a key with the hammer.

5. Remove a washer.
6. Remove a support with a sealing ring and a washer.
7. Remove the top plate of a spring with laying and a spring. Take out the shock-absorber from a spring.

If only the spring is replaced, slowly unclench it. If it is necessary to remove only the shock-absorber, the spring is not unclenched.

8. Remove the plastic buffer of the course of compression, a protective cover and the lower plate.


1. The new spring has a protective anticorrosive covering. Before installation check integrity of a covering. If necessary eliminate damages.
2. Check a protective cover, the plastic buffer of the course of compression and a plate. In the presence of damages replace details.
3. Enter the shock-absorber with the lower plate, the buffer and a protective cover into the compressed spring.
4. Collect a depreciation rack according to иллюстр. 4.0a and 4.0b. You watch that the spring adjoined to fillets of the lower and top plates.
5. Screw the new self-stopped nut on several rounds.
6. Slowly unclench a spring so that it at the same time adjoined to plates. You monitor the correct provision of the lower cup of a spring (rectangular grooves).
7. Tighten a fastening nut the moment of 65 Nanometers (at an internal hexagon on a rod the moment of 45 Nanometers). Hold a rod from a provorachivaniye. Auto repair shops apply a head of BMW-312210 or HAZET 2593 to observance of the moment of an inhaling - * (* - the key size).
8. Completely unclench a spring and remove the device for compression.
9. Establish a depreciation rack.