BMW 5 Series E39

since 1996-2001 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ Introduction
- Maintenance instruction
   Governing bodies, devices and control lamps
   Locking devices and anticreeping alarm system
   Equipment of salon
   Security systems
   Gas station of fuel, start and stop of the engine
   Parking brake
   Manual Box of Gear Shifting (MBGS)
   Automatic Transmission (AT) *
   The alarm system of emergency rapprochement at the parking (PDC) *
   System of automatic stabilization of stability with the regulator of traction effort (ASC+T)
   Electronic adjustment of rigidity of depreciation (EDC) * and adjustment of a road gleam
   System of heating and ventilation
   Automatic conditioner *
   Autonomous systems of heating and ventilation
   System of self-diagnostics *
   Traveling computer
   Running in
   Catalytic converter
   Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
   The movement with the trailer
   Luggage carrier on a roof
   Automobile phone *
   Radio reception
   Readjustment of headlights
   Automobile radio receiver
   The Hi-Fi audio system with DSP *
   Sign of an emergency stop *
   First-aid kit *
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schemes of electric equipment
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Automatic conditioner *

1 — air supply to a windshield and side glasses
2 — air supply to an upper body
(Castors allow to open and close smoothly air supply, and rychazhka provide change of the direction of a stream of the arriving air)
3 — air supply to legs in a forward part of salon
(Similar pressure-blowing openings are available also in a back part of salon)
4 — automatic distribution of air
5 — individual distribution of air
6 — temperature regulator for the left side of salon
7 — the indicator of temperature, air supply
8 — temperature regulator for the right side of salon
9 — drying and defrosting of glasses

10 — the conditioner
11 — the recirculation mode
12 — heating of back glass
(address also the Section Governing bodies and devices)
13 — the air supply regulator
14 — a key of inclusion of the mode of use of residual warmth
15 — an air intake lattice for
- a request not to block the temperature sensor

Pleasant temperature in salon under any weather conditions provides comfortable conditions in way. It promotes not only to your good health, but also traffic safety. Separate adjustment of temperature for the driver and the forward passenger considers that circumstance that the good health is exclusively subjective concept. A large number of pressure-blowing openings, their arrangement, possibilities of individual adjustment provide such distribution of air which is not followed by drafts. The microfilter and the filter from absorbent carbon purify the external air coming to salon. And use in the conditioner of the coolant which is not containing ftoristokhloristy hydrocarbons promotes environment protection.

Automatic distribution of air

The automatic program will remove from you care of adjustment of distribution of air and, besides, will bring the parameters of air supply and temperature entered by you into compliance with external conditions (summer, winter). At all seasons of the year the system will provide pleasant climatic comfort in the car. Choose temperature, pleasant for you, in salon and power level of air supply. The parameters entered by you are brought to the indicator 7, address a survey illustration of distribution of air streams. Open openings for air supply to an upper body. In warm season turn on the conditioner. The maximum cooling is provided at installation of a corrugated castor 3 in situation "Cold".

Individual distribution of air
You can set the mode of distribution of air and, thus, disconnect automatic system. Air moves to glasses,
to an upper body,
to legs.

The driver and the passenger on a front seat can choose desirable temperature for the party of salon. Divisions of a scale serve as a reference point at the choice of temperature in salon. It is expedient to establish temperature of 22 °C including at the switched-on conditioner. After a start of motion the chosen temperature - both in the summer, and in the winter - is established very quickly and is supported at the constant level.

Defrosting and drying of glasses
This program will provide bystry defrosting and drying wind and side glasses.


At the switched-on conditioner the arriving external air is cooled, osushivatsya and in case of need - depending on the chosen temperature - is again warmed up. Avoid frequent turning on and switching off of the conditioner that glasses did not mist over. Depending on weather conditions the windshield can mist over for some time after launch of the engine.

In the conditioner water condensate which merges under the car is besieged. Therefore water traces on the road are not a malfunction sign.

Recirculation mode / Automatic equipment of control of impurity of external air (AUC)

In the presence of unpleasant smells in external air it is possible to stop its receipt about salon.

In that case the system will use only the air which is in salon. Consecutive pressing of a key allows to choose three operating modes:
- Control lamps do not burn: external air arrives.
- The left control lamp burns: the system defined the increased concentration of harmful substances in external air and blocked its receipt in salon. Only the air which is in salon is used.
- The right control lamp burns: intake of external air is stopped for a long time. Only the air which is in salon is used.

If on the car the multipurpose steering wheel with the button of the recirculation mode is established, then you can operate this mode as well from a steering wheel (address the Section Governing bodies and devices).

If at the included recirculation mode there is a fogging of glasses, switch off the recirculation mode / automatic equipment of control of impurity of external air.

Heating of back glass
At the included heating of back glass the control lamp burns. Heating of back glass is turned off automatically.

Air supply
You can smoothly regulate air supply. The parameters entered by you are brought to the indicator 7, address a survey illustration of distribution of air of salon. If necessary these parameters are automatically brought into accord with the need for heating or cooling.

If during the operation of the fan at the most low power to press "-", all indication dies away. The fan, system of heating and the conditioner are switched off, air supply stops. Pressing of any key of the automatic conditioner you include system again.

Use of heat of the cooling-down engine

After switching off of ignition, for example, at a stop at a barrier, heat which is saved up in the engine continues to be used for heating of air in salon.

At turn of a key heated air automatically goes to situation 0 on having blown wind and side glasses, and also to legs. If the ignition key is transferred to situation 1, then you have an opportunity to change all parameters of operation of the automatic conditioner.

Chemical heataccumulator *

The heataccumulator accumulates heat from the engine even at extremely low temperatures of air. And after launch of the engine perhaps direct use of this heat to provide defrosting and drying wind and side glasses. Time necessary for warming up of salon and the engine is also significantly reduced.

The heataccumulator consists of well isolated store connected to the engine cooling system.

The principle of its work is based on use of heat which is released when transforming environmentally friendly hydrochloric mix from liquid state in firm. Similar to warmth of thawing of ice accumulation of warmth of the warmed engine results from liquefaction of hydrochloric mix.

Thus, the thermal accumulator increases traffic safety and comfortableness of the car, without leading to emergence of additional load of the environment.

The accumulator does not demand service as management of it is undertaken by electronics.

Realization of this function is possible only at a temperature of external air not above +15 °C, at the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature, and also sufficient tension of the accumulator.

Ventilation without drafts

You can adjust intake of air to an upper body according to your desires.

Corrugated castors 1 you can smoothly open and close deflectors. 2 allow you to change Rychazhki the direction of the air coming to salon. The corrugated castor 3 will allow you to add to the air arriving to an upper body, more or less cold air.
The turn to blue marking - is more cool
The turn to red marking - is warmer

Adjustment of deflectors in a back part of salon is carried out how it is described above. The arriving air is not warmed up.

The microfilter, the filter from absorbent carbon

The microfilter detains the parts of dust and flower pollen which are present at the air which is taken away outside. The filter from absorbent carbon deletes gaseous substances from the arriving air. At maintenance replacement of the combined filter is made. Need of its early replacement can be determined by considerable decrease in the maximum air supply.