BMW 5 Series E39

since 1996-2001 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ Introduction
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system and release
- Engine electric equipment
   + System of ignition
   + System of preheat of the diesel engine
   - Systems of a charge and start
      Removal and installation of the rechargeable battery
      The low-served rechargeable battery
      Check of the rechargeable battery
      Self-discharge of the rechargeable battery
      Charging of the rechargeable battery
      The generator - general information
      Security measures during the work with the generator
      Check of tension of charging of the generator
      Removal and installation of the generator
      Check and replacement of brushes of the generator and regulator of tension
      Removal and installation of a starter
      Removal, check and installation of the electromagnetic traction relay
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schemes of electric equipment
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Check and replacement of brushes of the generator and regulator of tension

Removal of the BOSCH generator


1. Take off maple a belt (1) and the generator (2).

2. Unscrew three screws of fastening (6) and remove a protective cover (5).

3. Unscrew two screws of fastening (4) and carefully take out the regulator of tension (3) from a reverse side of the generator.

4. Replace brushes (2) if their length makes 5 mm or less. For this purpose unsolder ropes. Address an accompanying illustration.

5. Check wear of contact rings, if necessary slightly pierce them.

6. Clear contact surfaces and check rigidity of springs, if necessary replace springs.


1. Insert into the brush holder (C) brushes (A) and springs (V) and solder them. Address an accompanying illustration.

2. For an exception of hit of solder in a rope at the soldering of brushes press a rope flat-nose pliers.

Hit of solder in ropes will make them rigid that will exclude a possibility of their installation.

3. The insulating hose over a rope near the place of the soldering has to be compressed with an eye.

4. After installation check brushes for ease of movement in the brush holder.

5. Clamp the regulator of tension one screw by hand. Then carefully establish it into position and finally fix.

7. Put on a cover at the generator and fix it.

8. Install the generator.

Removal of the VALEO generator


1. Remove the generator.
2. Unscrew three screws of fastening of a protective cover and remove it.
3. Unscrew two screws of fastening and one nut and take out the generator.


1. Install the new regulator of tension with an assembly cover and slightly fix by screws.
2. Remove an assembly cover up.
3. Put on the enclosed cover and fix it. M4 screws fasten the moment of 2 Nanometers, M5 screws the moment of 4 Nanometers.
4. Fix by screws a protective cover.
5. Install the generator.